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Multimeter philosophy

2008-07-03 02:33:11 by ParodyMyAss

My friends were messing with their multimeter today and decided to put it to their temples to gauge the resistance (?). It was set on DC with a sensitivity of 400M. When one used it, it came out to around the -120s. My other friends came out around the -200s. Mine came out to -40.

We decided to experiment with it and test while reading a comic book / hyper-sigil. (Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles") My first friend's dropped to -30, the second to -70, and mine came out to +30.

I asked them about it, and what the difference was, but the best they could tell me was some very confusing background information about Ohm's Law and quantum physics. They ended by simplifying it down to "electricity is like magic", so I wanted to ask all ye famous Newgrounders if you can explain what happened to me.

Thanks, and if you need any more info, I might be able to supply.